Verble is a revolutionary AI speech-writing assistant that enables users to hone their verbal persuasion and storytelling skills. It is a professional tool created by experienced professionals to understand the art of captivating narratives and effective delivery. It offers users the ability to craft speeches for a variety of situations, such as business presentations, keynotes, and wedding toasts.

The user-friendly interface allows for a quick chat with the AI assistant to get started. The assistant poses questions to get an understanding of the user’s thoughts, their intended audience, and the message they are trying to convey. Then, Verble works its magic and transforms these ideas into a clear and organized draft to overcome the struggle of starting with a blank page.

Experts in the field of public speaking have been consulted to offer guidance on applying techniques used by top speakers like Steve Jobs and Lucinda Ardern. There is also a smart editing mode that allows users to make their speeches stand out. Users have found that Verble is a convenient and innovative tool that helps them quickly put together an engaging talk. It is suitable for various use cases, such as presenting ideas for a management pitch or delivering a keynote speech.

Startup founders can also benefit from Verble, which provides speaker techniques and a user-friendly interface for nailing investor pitches. It is also great for prepping for important meetings and sparking new ideas that can be applied to investor pitches. One of the greatest advantages is its accessibility; users can access Verble without having to worry about travel or aligning schedules, making it a great travel-size speaking coach. No matter the time or place, Verble is just a few clicks away, ready to help craft a memorable story.

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