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Tiny Magic

Tiny Magic’s Gmail GPT-4 Support Agent is an AI-based software that utilizes GPT-4 technology to automate the process of responding to customer inquiries sent to Gmail accounts. It’s designed to save users time and energy by simplifying the process of composing replies.

The setup is quick and straightforward, and after connecting a Gmail account and providing FAQ support documents or help desk links, the system can craft relevant and accurate answers to emails. In addition, it takes the entire email thread into consideration, not just the last message, and it even accesses vector databases to find the most relevant elements from contextual documents.

Auto-Gmail runs in the background and drafts replies that can be easily accessed with Gmail. It’s perfect for businesses and consultants who want to offer personalized customer service at a more affordable rate. It’s similar to other services such as Superhuman and Crisp, and the integration with Gmail allows for automated drafting of responses without manual activation.

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