Heyphoto is an online AI photo editor that offers various features to help improve and edit selfie photos. It has a drag-n-drop feature that allows users to easily edit and create designs with SVG icons. It also has high-quality graphics plugins and a background remover.
One of the unique features of Heyphoto is the “smart upscaler” which increases image resolution, and the “face swapper” tool which makes it possible to create high-quality face swaps. In addition, it offers AI-generated photos and an anonymizer tool to protect user identities.
Users can also generate facial features using AI and adjust them as they wish, such as gaze direction, nose shape, age, or skin tone. It can also be used to manipulate emotions and facial expressions.
Heyphoto also provides APIs for generated photos, smart upscaler, and background remover functions that allow users to retouch selfies, change gender or age, adjust skin tone, and try out new hairstyles.

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