Odin AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that focuses on getting real-time data and creating practical responses. It has features like chatting, studying PDF files, summarizing, and finding information quickly. Odin AI can automatically access a variety of sources, including PDFs, Office documents, HTML, JSON, XML, and CommonMark. Its unique vector store technology makes it possible to extract important details and add them to the AI’s knowledge base. The obtained information can be divided into multiple sections, making it easy to access when needed.

People can gain valuable research insights and create summaries of depositions quickly with Odin AI. This AI can be used in different messaging platforms, such as Slack, Telegram, and websites. Its usefulness has been seen in many industries, including law firms using it to get research insight and financial companies that use it to increase their efficiency. This AI tool is praised for its speed, accuracy, and its capacity to provide real-time data.

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