Zizoto is an AI-based tool that enables users to bring out their creative side and generate images. It provides a new way to explore and make AI-generated pictures, as well as collaborate with others. Through its morphing feature, users can blend together images generated by other users to create unique artwork.
Additionally, people can print out posters of their creations, enabling them to bring digital works into the physical world with ease. Zizoto offers this printing service, making it a great choice for displaying art in homes or offices.
Apart from that, Zizoto provides a social platform where users can join a community of creators, innovators, and artists. Here, people can share their creations, get feedback, and draw inspiration from other individuals in the Zizoto network.
The tool is powered by Stable Diffusion’s SDXL model, supplying users with a reliable and powerful AI image generation experience. This model is what allows Zizoto to provide an unparalleled image-making experience.

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