Zeda.io is a platform that utilizes AI technology to help customer-focused teams identify issues and create products that are backed by data. It offers features such as collecting and organizing customer feedback from a variety of sources, developing product strategies and analyzing results, and connecting with popular workflow tools to create an action plan. The platform is able to assess customer feedback, sentiment, customer types, and financial information to provide insight into building better products. It also allows teams to track progress and make sure everyone is on the same page using strategy maps and OKRs, and to understand both the customer and business perspectives in-depth by segmenting data by customer attributes. Additionally, Zeda.io has a scoring system (ZCN) to assess delivery confidence and reveals areas of potential high-revenue product opportunities and customer concerns for improved retention. The goal of the platform is to make product management simpler and more efficient by giving customer-focused teams the resources and information they need to make decisions that bring positive results.

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