Three Sigma

Three Sigma

Three Sigma is a cutting-edge AI research utility that strives to dramatically reduce the time spent scanning through documents by 90%. It is equipped with a powerful search function that helps users to find the data they need in no time. One of its most noteworthy features is the Imagine Assistant, which is capable of providing answers to inquiries and data from documents, eliminating the need for manual reading and diminishing the reliance on AI systems of a black box nature.
Three Sigma also offers a ChatGPT plugin that enables the users to gain access to the ChatGPT’s features right from their Three Sigma account. This plugin offers users the comfortable option of referencing documents without having to start a new thread.
Furthermore, Three Sigma is developing all the time and has plans to incorporate reference tables, charts, and even GPT-4 technology in the future, making formerly impossible applications accessible.

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