Pixelfy AI is a platform for creating high-quality pixel art images. It utilizes a range of AI models to generate professional-looking pixel art for a variety of creative projects. It offers a vast selection of images, from natural scenes like snow-covered mountains and cozy cabins to fantastical RPG characters and space marines from the Warhammer 40k universe.

The platform provides a prompt builder to help users create stunning images with ease. Users can customize the grid size and have access to tools for more precise adjustments. Pixelfy also allows users to remove backgrounds and isolate objects in their images, as well as upload reference images to influence the generation process.

A standout feature of Pixelfy is its capability to confine generated images to a particular color palette, giving users more control over the outcome. The platform has garnered positive feedback from its users, who commend its simplicity of use and the effectiveness of the prompt builder.

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