Deskflow is a platform that utilizes AI to enhance employee experience and reduce employee turnover. It has a large database of knowledge which it uses to train its AI, and it also integrates with HRIS and ITSM systems. This enables Deskflow to complete help desk tasks 10 times faster than before, leading to better productivity. It provides a demo and an option to watch a demo, showing how it can assist employees and save them 90% of their time spent communicating and resolving issues. This reduces the time needed to take care of employees’ problems by 50%, resulting in cost savings. Deskflow’s Alfred AI is integrated with multiple platforms, and it serves as an assistant to employees by providing access to its entire knowledge base and taking action. Alfred enables communication more like humans do, providing automated responses to queries and requests from agents and employees, thus reducing response time and increasing efficiency. It also automates the creation and assignment of tickets, creating them in help desk software and assigning them to the best agent based on the content of the ticket. This brings about further cost savings by freeing up HR teams’ time to focus on more critical tasks, and also allowing employees to access key information 90% faster.

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