is an AI tool that helps businesses keep their data secure while taking advantage of the benefits of AI. It has APIs, a secure chat UI, and a Slack bot, which can be used to pre-integrate data sources and enforce access policies. It also provides masking of sensitive data and acceptable use policies, plus access to apps like GPT-4 32k and Claude. enables companies to securely adopt AI and integrate their data sources like Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack. Employees can utilize AI while maintaining source system permissions and masking sensitive data. This user-friendly platform allows organizations to define, enforce, and audit access, while managing policies for both internally built and externally procured AI tools. Developers can build custom applications with the secure APIs provided and use Credal API token as a drop-in replacement for open AI and AnthropIC APIs, thus allowing them to build apps on top of enterprise data while ensuring its security.

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