CopernicAI is a powerful AI tool that specializes in the development of 3D environments. It utilizes a 2+1d approach, which involves creating 2D imagery with 1D depth information, all of which is based on recent research published in leading deep learning conferences. This allows the creation of generative 2+1d environments, and they are currently working towards achieving the goal of full AI-generated 3D environments.

One of the noteworthy features of CopernicAI is the ability to generate AI-created 360 panoramas and little planets. Users can test out the alpha version of this feature, which has already improved drastically in quality compared to the pre-alpha version. They can also download and explore the different types of panoramic images, like mollweide, little planet, and equirectangular formats.

Additionally, CopernicAI offers the capability of generating 2+1d environments using panoramic images and videos. It is possible to explore these immersive environments in virtual reality with a Quest headset. Generative panoramic AI, which relies on scalable panoramic AI building blocks, is the main component of CopernicAI’s development. It is still in the early pre-alpha stage, yet they are continually making progress and have plans for the future, such as releasing full 3D environments. Those interested in getting updates and announcements about upcoming closed alpha releases can sign up for the newsletter or send an email.

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