Automatic Chat

Automatic Chat

Automatic chat is a useful software that enables website owners to craft an AI-powered chatbot. It is simple and easy to use, and only requires a few steps to get started. Firstly, the user needs to enter the website address and pick which pages the chatbot should be able to answer inquiries on. Once that is done, the chatbot can be trained by providing it with pertinent text from the chosen web pages. This data is stored in a secure database and used by the chatbot during conversations. After this is complete, the chatbot can be embedded on the website by copying and pasting a line of code.

The software offers features that help boost the chatbot’s performance and functionality. These include fast responses to inquiries, analytics tools to evaluate the chatbot’s performance, and the ability to customize the chatbot with branding and design elements. Furthermore, it also keeps track of conversations, so users can analyze user interactions and refine the chatbot accordingly. Finally, Automatic chat supports multiple languages, enabling the chatbot to communicate with people in their native tongues. This expands the reach of the chatbot and provides a better user experience.

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