AI that works with your documents
docAnalyzer provides dynamic, intelligent, and context-awa

AI Development, Productivity
Pricing: Free trail


AI Email Generator that turns highlighted text into instant replies, slashing email time by 50%

Automation, Email
Pricing: Paid


After pouring hours of your valuable time into your content, you will most often use it once or twi

Pricing: Free


AI-generated viral long to short form videos, generate videos like Would You Rather, Reddit Stories

AI Assistant
Pricing: Free


Outrank your SERP competitors.
BlitzBear is SEO software that analyzes why your blog articles r

Pricing: Freemium


Use AI digital artwork generator everywhere. Create artworks from your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Image Generation
Pricing: Contact

SubscribeWorthy AI

Subscribe Worthy is a curated AI marketplace that showcases the top 999 vetted AI tools, services, a

Aggregators, AI Assistant
Pricing: Free


Theoriestudio is a freemium platform where people can learn driving theory with AI. Open to all!

Pricing: Freemium

Yo Directory

Find the best directories in any niche, from AI tool directories to design inspiration directories.

Developer tools
Pricing: Free


Financial investing and trading of securities, stocks, options, futures, currency and cryptocurrency

Pricing: Free

LoveGenius Sidekick

Discover the power of AI with LoveGenius, your personal dating assistant that helps you create a wi

AI-powered text editor
Pricing: Free


InsightBase allows you to chat with your database using AI, without any SQL or coding knowledge.

Developer tools
Pricing: Paid

Language Atlas

Language Atlas is a freemium platform where people can learn Spanish and French with AI. Open to all

Education, Language Education
Pricing: Freemium


VerifactAI is an AI fact-checking tool that allows you to fact-check your articles within a minute.

AI Assistant, Marketing
Pricing: Freemium

Browser GPT

Browser GPT is Hix.AI Browser Extension: The Most Powerful, All-in-One ChatGPT Copilot for the Web.

Content creation, Summarizer
Pricing: Paid


Welcome to, the ultimate enhancement for your presence on dating apps such as Tinder and

Image Generation

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